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Year 11 Revision

The Warlingham Teaching and Learning Site,, provides a range of revision resources and techniques. Here, you will find learning strategies delivered via the Practice 4 Progress programme and Target the TOP, the use of Test, Organise, Practice to structure revision.

Year 11 After School Surgery Revision Support 

To support students with their revision, we are running after school surgery sessions, where students come with particular concerns or difficulties. They work quietly and the designated staff work around the room to address these issues.  This type of session is particularly useful for supporting students who have already engaged in their own independent revision and have identified areas of weakness from the feedback they have received from their KAPs and classwork.

The sessions will run from 3.15 to 4.30pm, although students are free to leave earlier if they feel the issue they needed help with has been addressed.  Detailed below are the members of staff and locations of the sessions that have been planned to ensure that clashes between subjects are avoided.

Year 11 Surgery Session Timetable 

Week 2 (w/c 14th March, 28th March, 25th April & 9th May)

Day  Option  Subject  Room  Staff
Monday    Science  C12 Bio Mrs Hickox
      C12a Chm Mr Moore
      C13a Phys Mr Randall 
Tuesday  Option A Subjects  Business  C1a Mr Mills
    Geography  B5 Mr Gardner
    H&SC B14 Mrs Obmann
    History  B9 Mr Dicks
    Music  M2 Mr Duff
    Spanish  A12 Mrs Smales 
Wednesday   English  C3 C5 C9
C8 C19 C17
C18 C27
Mrs Randall, Mr Janalli, Mrs Christie, Mrs McNally, Ms Orfali, Miss Harris, Mrs Payne, Mrs Langley 
Friday  Option B Subjects  Business  C1a  Miss Scanlon / Mr Mills
    Computing  C1 Mr Holmes
    Drama A2 Ms Clark
    DT / Textiles D3 Mr Fernihough / Mrs Howe
    Geography  B5 Mr Gardner
    History  B9 Mr Dicks
    PE P1 Mr Tipton 
    Sociology  E11 Ms Tindall 
    Sport Science  C2 Mr Gunn 

 Week 1 (w/c 21st March & 2nd May) 

Day  Option  Subject Room  Staff 
Monday    RE E21 Mr Hill 
Tuesday  Option C Subjects  Business C2a Mr Mills
    DT D3 Mr Fernihough / Mrs MacMahon
    French  A16 Mrs Foret
    Geography  B1 Mr Battistel 
    History  B9 Mr Dicks
    Spanish  A12 Mrs Smales 
Wednesday    Maths  C14 Mr Robins

In the video below Paul Seward, Deputy Headteacher, gives a presentation which includes guidance on Independent Learning.

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