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At Warlingham Sixth Form College, we offer a timetable to fit around you, as you have a completely free choice of subjects until the timetable is agreed and the option blocks are set.

You can apply using our online application system.  

If you are an internal student, an account will have been set up for you and you should receive an email with all the account details.  Any questions regarding accessing your account please contact Caroline Beadle, College Co-Ordinator by email or by phone 01883 624067 Ext 2358.

For external students please click 'start application' to apply.

When completing your application you can save it at any point and return to it.  However, please don’t ‘submit’ the form until you are satisfied you have answered all the questions completely because once you submit your form it will be temporarily locked and will not reopen until the next stage of the process.  

You can click the button below to apply. Please note application for the 2024/2025 academic year will open on the 6th October 2023 and should be completed and submitted by the 3rd November 2023.


Results are published in August.  If at this stage you need to alter your original course choice, don’t worry, as even at this late stage it will be possible to amend course choices.

Requirements to study at Warlingham Sixth Form College in September 2023

  1. You will need to get 7 grades at 4+ including English and Maths at GCSE
  2. If you achieve 5 grades at 4+ we may consider you for a more limited range of courses providing you can demonstrate aptitude for the subjects concerned.
  3. You will also need to meet the subject specific grade requirements (please refer to our course guide for these requirements)

For any queries, please contact Caroline Beadle, College Co-Ordinator, by phone on 01883 624067 Ext 2358 or by email: