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The Learning Journey

The ‘Learning Journey’ acts as a framework for our delivery of consistently excellent teaching across the curriculum and empowers students to develop the tools and skills they need to learn independently.

For any journey to be successfully completed, we need to consider four key questions: Where do we want to be? Where are we now? How are we going to get there? How will we know when we have arrived?

The first part of the Learning Journey requires teachers and students to share the destination; it is vital that we all agree where we are going. We want students to be clear about what success looks like and feels like and have a vision of where they hope to be by the end of the learning. Teachers make sure they know which key vocabulary to use and how it can be used.

At Warlingham, we consider every student to be unique with different strengths and different experiences, so teachers make sure they know the individual context of each student, as this is the starting point for the learning. This means that teachers use prior data and knowledge of personal circumstances, as well as in-class questioning to find out what a student is bringing with them on the journey.

Each student then needs to know their next steps. This means they need to be able to set themselves goals and know how to meet those goals. These next steps will often be in the form of stepping-stone activities that enable practice, practice and more practice!

At Warlingham, we don’t assume someone has learnt the lesson; teachers must find the evidence of learning. Assessment is continuous in all lessons.

All students know what they are good at and how they could improve, and we always check their arrival at the destination. We leave no one behind along the way.

And finally, together, we celebrate our arrival and reflect on the journey as a whole. We also consider how and where we will travel in the future.

Learning Journey Video

We have produced a video which explains the Learning Journey in more detail:

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Learning Journey Poster

We also have a poster which explains the process.

Warlingham Teaching & Learning Website

More information and videos can be found on our Warlingham Teaching & Learning website.