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The House System

At Warlingham, our well-established House System eases transition from primary school and provides a sense of belonging to a smaller community of the school with approximately 300 students per house.  Each house has its own unique ethos and distinguishing uniform.  Siblings join the same house which helps create familiarity for younger brothers and sisters.  Warlingham has four houses: Chichester, Johnson, Mallory and Sharman.  

Named after renowned adventurers, each house has its own colour and a team led by the Head of House, which includes an attached Senior Leader, Deputy Head of House, form tutors and support staff.

In Year 7, students are allocated to a form within their house which is overseen by a form tutor.  This tutor will remain with each student from Year 7 to Year 11.  Upon joining their house, students are soon involved in a variety of events and activities during which they can earn House Points not only for their own benefit but for the benefit of the house as a whole.