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Student Council

Warlingham School & Sixth Form College values student voice and constantly strives to further incorporate the students’ hopes, wishes and opinions into all that we do within the school.

Warlingham is very proud of its Student Council who actively engage with the staff and student community to lead change across the school. The council meet fortnightly, facilitated by Mr Crenol and Ms Obmann. Representatives are voted for by their peers – allowing students to participate in whole school democracy.

The Student Council have achieved so much for the school, being involved in staff recruitment, co-designing new spaces, and have even organised a school disco to raise funds for the school. Each member of the School Council exhibits the key Warlingham Learner attributes of Courage, Commitment and Kindness.

The Student Council membership comprises:

Role  Member
President  Kai N, 10A 
Vice President  Xheyrie V, 11W
Treasurer Michael E, 10N
Vice Treasurer Leah P, 8N
Secretary  Tsaynab J, 9R
Vice Secretary Ethan M, 8G
Public Relations Director Jack R, 11N
Vice PR Tomasz G, 9N
Form Representatives One student per form

Read below, some comments from Student Councillors about the roles and activities.

Hello, my name is Kai and I am the President of the student council this year. I am excited to take on a higher level of responsibility, such as embodying more of a leadership role and acting as a guide for fellow council members. Also, I look forward to seeing where this new experience takes me. I chose to apply for this position to gain key employability skills, such as communication, teamwork and thinking skills and to challenge myself with something I was not yet familiar with. As well as this, I have important ideas that I would like to implement during my term as President which include student feedback sessions and prioritising mental health more. This year, the student council’s primary foci are to improve sustainability around the school in order to take that extra step in becoming more eco-friendly and reducing our carbon footprint and also student experience. This includes enhancing students’ day-to-day school life, whether that be their well-being, education or facilities. Please feel free to speak to me whenever you have an idea you would like us to potentially make happen.

Kai N, President

My name is Michael, and I am the Treasurer of the Student Council. After settling in over the last few years, I saw the opportunity to implement my voice and have a positive input inside the school through joining the Student Council. Honestly, it wasn’t easy to get in. I was faced with quality competition from my form but, in the end, I got there! During the first meeting, we were informed of the leading roles in the Student Council. I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to have a greater impact and to achieve my goal.  As Treasurer, my job is to manage the student council budget and utilise it in the most beneficial way.  Overall, the Student Council members are kind and keen to hear your ideas. I am looking forward to collaborating with my peers and yourselves alike to improve the school community. I hope I have encouraged you to become a Student Councillor in the upcoming years.

Michael E, Treasurer

Hi I’m Jack and I’m this year's Public Relations Director for the School Council. I chose to become a part of the School Council because I really want to help the school for the better and make changes that will benefit students. I chose the role in Public Relations because I feel I have a good understanding of students' wants and needs and I can effectively raise awareness about the actions taken by the Student Council. I can’t wait to help the student body for the better.

Jack R, Public Relations Director