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Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mr P Foster MA NPQH Headteacher
Mr P Kinder BA Senior Deputy Headteacher
Mr S Day BEd Deputy Headteacher
Mr P Seward BSc Deputy Headteacher
Mr C Glover BEng Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Haynes BA Assistant Headteacher
Miss E Tindall BSc NPQSL Assistant Headteacher
Mr R Toop MA Assistant Headteacher

Please click here for more information about our Senior Leadership Team.

TEaching Staff

Mr C Ashton PE & Design Technology (Food)
Miss D Baker Science
Mr G Battistel Geography, KS Co-ordinator
Mrs J Bidwell Art
Miss O Bradshaw Society, Religion and Wellbeing
Mrs R Bristow  English, Head of Sharman House
Mrs C Burrows Science
Miss R Chandler  Mathematics, Deputy Head of Sharman House
Mr R Chotai  Head of Science
Mrs C Christie  Head of English
Ms N Clark  Head of Drama
Miss L Clewley  English
Mr D Crenol Geography, Student Council Co-ordinator, Deputy Head of Johnson House
Miss A Davies Society, Religion and Wellbeing
Mr A Deacon  Drama
Miss R Dewey  2 i/c English, Professional Learning Mentor
Mr G Dicks  Head of History
Mr N Duff  Head of Music
Miss J Duvigneau Modern Foreign Languages
Mr T Early  Subject Leader (Media and Film)
Mr S Fernihough  Head of Design Technology 
Miss C Foret Modern Languages, Subject Leader - French
Mrs H Fuller  Design Technology, Art
Mr R Gardner  Head of Geography
Mr N George Science
Mr E Gomez Modern Foreign Languages
Mr D Gunn PE, Head of Chichester House
Miss E Gutiérrez  Modern Foreign Languages, KS Co-ordinator
Miss C Harmer Mathematics, KS Co-ordinator
Miss K Harris English
Mr C Hatton PE
Mr N Hellier Mathematics
Mrs S Hickox  2 i/c Science, Subject Leader (Biology)
Mr A Hill  Head of Society, Religion and Wellbeing, Professional Learning Mentor
Mr D Holmes Computing.  Psychology
Mrs R Howe  Design Technology, Head of Textiles, HoY Sixth Form (Year 12)
Mrs B Hunt  Science, Head of Johnson House
Miss P Hurst PE, Head of Mallory House
Mr A Janalli English, KS Co-ordinator
Miss M Johnson Modern Foreign Languages
Mr G Johnston Humanities, Politics. Senior Lead Practitioner 
Mrs L Langley  English, Careers Lead
Mr R Leay History, Deputy Head of 6th Form
Mrs D MacMahon  Design Technology, Primary Liaison Co-ordinator 
Mr B Martin Mathematics
Miss L McNally English
Mrs C Midmore English
Mr N Mills  Head of Business Studies
Mr S Moore  Science, Subject Leader (Chemistry)
Mr H Moosa Subject Leader (Law), History, 
Miss S Obmann  Subject Leader, Health & Social Care, Deputy Head of Chichester House
Mrs S Onley Mathematics, KS Co-ordinator
Miss E Orfali  English
Mrs J Papa Head of Computer Science
Miss N Patel Mathematics
Mrs A Payne English
Mr R Pizzey English. Geography
Mrs L Randall  English, Professional Learning Mentor. Whole School Reading and Literacy Co-ordinator
Mr P Randall  Science
Miss H Raymond 2 i/c PE  
Mr A Richardson-Price History, Professional Learning Mentor, KS Co-ordinator
Mr C Robins  Head of Mathematics
Mrs V Salem  PE
Mrs C Sayers Subject Leader (Psychology), EPQ Co-ordinator
Mrs N Scanlon Business Studies, KS Co-ordinator
Mrs R Scott  2 i/c Maths
Mr R Scott Head of Sixth Form College. PE
Mrs B Smales  Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Ms L Speechly Science, Subject Leader (Physics)
Mrs J Sula  Head of Art
Mr S Tipton Head of PE
Mr B Valentine Mathematics, Deputy Head of Mallory House
Mrs V Wakeham  Mathematics. Subject Leader (Accountancy)
Miss R Webb  2 i/c Design Technology
Mr P Weston  History, Student Achievement Co-ordinator
Ms L Wilkins  Art 
Mrs G Williamson  Society, Religion and Wellbeing, 
Miss P Wilson  Science, DofE Co-ordinator
Mr M Winn Trust Music Teacher


Administration, Departmental Assistants, FInance and Reception

Administration & Departmental Assistants
Mrs C Beadle College Administrator
Mrs L Collett  Marketing Assistant
Mrs M Eustace Departmental Assistant
Mrs J Jeal Departmental Assistant
Mrs N Jenkins Head of House Co-Ordinator
Mrs C Martin Departmental Assistant
Mrs A O'Dowd Departmental Assistant
Mrs J Rayner Admissions and Admin Officer / LRC Assistant
Mrs N Smith PA to Headteacher and Senior SLT Administrator
Miss F Doyle Business Services Manager
Mrs K Hughes Finance Officer
Mrs T Major Finance Assistant
Mrs N Tosen Receptionist

Attendance and Student Services

Mrs V Stokes Attendance & Student Support Manager
Mrs N Mathie Student Support Officer
Mr J Mitchell Attendance & Student Support Assistant
Mrs M Ridgeway Attendance & Student Support Assistant
Mrs H Sharp Attendance & Student Support Assistant
Miss C Walker Attendance & Student Support Assistant

Cover Team, Curriculum support staff, Data and Exams

Cover Team
Mrs D Westley Cover Manager
Ms J Crowhurst Cover Supervisor
Miss H Nicholson Cover Supervisor
Mrs A Smith Cover Supervisor
Mr J Usherwood Cover Supervisor
Exams and Data
Mrs J Rimell Examinations Manager
Mrs L Ferguson Data Integrity & LRC Officer
Mrs A Park Data & Exams Officer
Mrs S Tyson Science Technician Manager
Mr R Cameron Music and Media Technician
Mr W Dubbin Science Technician
Mr L McConnell Reprographics Technician
Mr I Moore Design Technology Technician
Mrs D Morgan Science Technician
Mrs C Sharp Science Technician
Ms A Tait Art Technician

Learning Development (SEND) & Teaching Assistants

Mrs T Needs SENDCo
Mrs A Aldridge Assistant SENDCo
Miss C Adams Senior Teaching Assistant
Mr B Bishop Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Ms C Bothua Teaching Assistant
Ms L Campbell Student Support Assistant - Maple Room
Mr D Collison Senior Teaching Assistant
Ms H Compton-Jones Student Support Assistant - Maple Room
Miss M Cudlip Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Curt Senior Teaching Assistant/Learning Support - The Bridge
Mrs K Dawson Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Egerton Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Flynn Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Gates Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Hedger Teaching Assistant
Miss R Kaushik Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Ketcher Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Kruk Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Naylor Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Pantony PA to SENDCo
Mrs M Patel Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Poole Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Sansom Teaching Assistant
Miss C Saunders Teaching Assistant
Mrs Z Sayed Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Scott Senior Teaching Assistant - Behaviour Support
Mrs L Sheppard Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Simons Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Syed Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Turbett Student Support Assistant - Maple Room
Mrs L Wakefield Senior Teaching Assistant/Learning Support - The Bridge

Operations, Health & Safety, MIDDAY SUpervisors AND Site staff

Mrs L Runge Operations & Facilities Manager
Mr E Tafa Site Manager
Miss B Anders Midday Supervisor
Mr M Dagnall Premises Assistant
Mr I Haji Premises Assistant
Mr T Mandry Premises and Maintenance Assistant
Ms J Shapland Midday Supervisor
Mrs M Sherlock Midday Supervisor
Mr G Smith Premises Assistant
Mr W Standen Premises Assistant (Lettings)
Mrs T Vidal Health & Safety Officer/Lettings Co-ordinator


Tandridge Learning Trust has a shared services team whose expertise we can call upon as and when required.  The staff listed below all provide technical and/or strategic support and advice to Warlingham, as required.

Executive Support  
Miss R Plaskitt Chief Executive Officer
Mrs P Chowdhury Director of Finance & Operations
Mrs N Podd PA/Administration Assistant
Human Resources  
Mrs J Standen HR Manager
Mrs L Graham-Cook HR Officer
Mrs J Coburn Assistant HR Officer
Mrs S King Assistant HR Officer
Mrs V Holmes HR Assistant
Mr M Astefanoaei IT Network Manager
Mr L Sales IT Operations Manager
Mr J Cannon ICT Apprentice
Mr J Farley-Tosen ICT Apprentice
Mr M Morton IT Technician
Marketing, PR & Communications  
Miss M Filmer PR, Communications & Marketing Manager