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News Update 29 September 2022

In recent house assemblies, students have been introduced to the Johnson House ethos:

As a member of Johnson house we:

  • Are resilient – we keep going when things are hard.
  • Improve – we aim to do better than we have before.
  • Celebrate and support everyone in our community.
  • Are proud to represent and be part of Johnson House.

Tutors have been identifying one student each fortnight that has embodied this ethos to win ‘Tutee of the Fortnight’.
Well done to those that have been selected for the first fortnight:

Tutor Group Student Name
7W Tyrese VB
7A Jessica J
8A Chloe S
9W Harry B
9A Lottie G
10W Kaelan K
10A Erin K
11W Shaun M
11A Emma D