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News Update 25 November 2022

Popcorn Charity Sale Sharman Popcorn Sale

On Wednesday 23rd November, the Sharman House Charity Team sold popcorn to raise money for Banardo's at break and lunchtime. It was £1 a bag and it was a great success as over 50 bags were sold! A massive thank you to our Charity Team who are working endlessly to raise money for those less fortunate than themselves.

Mrs Payne
Deputy Head of Sharman House

Mr Pizzey's Penalty Shootout Pizzey's Penalty Shootout

On 18th November, the Sharman House Charity team helped to run Mr Pizzey’s Penalty Shootout. It was £1 to participate and Mr Pizzey did a great job although lots of students scored against him! Everyone had a great time and the atmosphere was electric when goals were scored. We raised lots of money to support Sharman’s charity, Barnardo's. We can’t wait for our next event!

Meredith W, Year 9 Student


Hot Chocolate Sale Sharman Hot Chocolate Sale

On 11th of November, the Sharman House Charity Team hosted a hot chocolate sale to celebrate Guy Fawkes night to raise money for the Sharman charity, Barnardo's, which helps children who have had traumatic experiences get back on their feet and give them a voice in this world. 

The hot chocolate was £1 or £1.50 with whipped cream and marshmallows and was a great success! There were a lot of people queueing up to get a nice, relaxing, drink of hot chocolate on a chilly day! Thanks to everyone who helped this worthwhile cause. 

Olivia F, Year 9 Student