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News Update 17 October 2022

In recent house assemblies, students have been introduced to the vision for Chichester House: Inclusivity.

Inclusivity Definition: including all types of people, things or ideas and treating them all fairly and equally.

We strive for all members of Chichester House to take part in House competitions, in class and in extra-curricular activities. We ask our members to feed back to Miss Chandler, Ms Obmann and their form tutors if there is something else they feel we can offer them!

A Chichester student:

  • Is committed to their classwork and activities
  • Shows courage by trying new things
  • Is kind to others, in school and the community
  • Makes the most of every opportunity
  • Provides a support network for friends

Tutors have been identifying one student each fortnight that has embodied these values to win ‘Tutee of the Fortnight’.

Well done to those that have been selected so far:

Class Student 
7L  Marley G
Georgina W
7R Scarlett H
Alfie F


Harry K 
Chloe H 
8R  Chloe W
Blake H 
9L  Mary M
Sharvi T 
9R  Anais J 
Ryan C 
10L  Harry R
Aleksandra A
10R Isla B
Jack L 
11L  Ines M
Jensen P 
11R Holly R 
Danielle H