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News Update 12 December 2022

As we draw an end to the Autumn Term, we are excited to share a number of activities and achievements from Mallory House.

Year 7 Peer Mentor

Firstly, congratulations to Year 7 student, Maya S, who has recently qualified as a peer mentor. She will be helping her peers with various emotional, friendship or bullying issues. Maya has shown exemplary qualities of a Warlingham Learner since arriving at the school, becoming part of the Student Anti-racism Action Group (SARAG) and continues to be real Mallory Marvel!

House Christmas Card Competition Winner Nancy L's Winning Christmas Card of Santa

Congratulations to Nancy L in Year 9 for winning the House Christmas Card Competition for Key Stage 3 with a spectacular piece of art. It was lauded as the finest entry for Key Stage 3 this year and one of the best for a number of years. Nancy's talent is astounding, and we hope that she'll continue producing some incredible art for us to feast our eyes on. Another Mallory Marvel! 

School of Hard Knocks 

We are really proud of the recent achievements made by Mallory students in the School of Hard Knocks (SOHK) programme. Year 9 student, Jamie R, has displayed tremendous growth. His confidence on the pitch has just accelerated and he is now thinking, along with teammate Josh H, of joining an outside rugby club, which we fully support. Player of the Day recently was Year 9 student, Elliott K, who was exceptional both on the pitch and in the classroom.

We have more filming with SOHK happening over the coming week and Saul G and Elliott K have agreed to be interviewed to discuss how the programme is benefitting them. A special mention should also go to Year 10 students, Freddy A and Skye M who have been excellent. Skye is always punctual and one of the first to arrive every week and Freddy has hung up his football boots to concentrate on his rugby, as he is a phenomenal rugby player, and we really encourage him to pursue this.