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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We want our students to feel their school is a safe place to be themselves, to be challenged and a place where they can be heard; where their cultures and identities are welcomed, celebrated and fairly represented. 

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Warlingham School & Sixth Form College seeks to prepare its students to be Global Citizens so it is important to teach them to live peacefully in the wider society where they treat each other with kindness and respect.

Our Vision
  • We want Warlingham to be a place where everyone feels safe, valued, heard and able to fulfil their potential. We believe that all our differences should be acknowledged, respected and celebrated and for all students to have the opportunities to fulfil their potential and not be obstructed by social factors that fall within the protected characteristics and other socio-economic factors. 
  • We believe all teachers should be empowered with the knowledge and language of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) literacy. 
  • We believe that Warlingham School & Sixth Form College should be a space that is built on systemic kindness and is actively anti-discriminatory.
Race Equality Statement

Warlingham School & Sixth Form College recognises and nurtures the identity of children and staff of all ethnicities and cultures. Our school is committed to being an anti-racist school and strives to develop positive anti-racist language, awareness, images, role models and strategies in order to create policies, practice and an environment which reflect that all people are equally valued and that harassment will not be tolerated. 

Religion or Belief or None Equality Statement

At Warlingham School, we recognise that it is important that all are treated with equal dignity and respect, which includes respect for religious or other beliefs.

Sex/Gender Equality Statement

At Warlingham School & Sixth Form College we seek to eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment on the grounds of gender and to promote equality of opportunity between female and male students and between women and men and transgender people.[1]

Sexual Orientation LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Questioning Equality Statement

Warlingham School & Sixth Form College is committed to gender and LGBTQ+ equality. It is determined to foster an academic, anti-discriminatory environment in which everyone is included, respected and empowered to fulfil their potential.

Disability Equality Statement

Warlingham School & Sixth Form College is committed to removing barriers to access and to providing an inclusive and equitable environment that fosters an experience of the highest quality for all students and staff. We seek to create an environment that positively encourages equality of opportunity and refuses to tolerate discrimination in any form.

[1] The Gender Equality Duty (2006)

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