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23 March 2023

As I write this, tonight we will be treated to the pleasure of our Spring Music Concert. I hope that you have the chance to see the courage and commitment alongside the real talent of our musicians, but if not please look out for our next concerts and musical events. 

There are few things that bring a community together more effectively than music – whether that is coming together with others to practise and perform or listening and support as an audience member. Another important element of the Spring Concert is the fact that it is the first event where our newly established PTA will be providing food and drinks to raise funds for the school. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and recognise the commitment and support of the parents and staff who have worked so hard to establish the PTA and really look forward to being part of their future fundraising efforts. Moreover, I am excited about the positive difference that their fundraising will be able to make to the experience of school for our students. 

It has been fantastic to celebrate the achievements of a number of our students in various competitions over the course of this term and to see the array of opportunities that they have seized to make the most of school life. As we approach the Easter break, it is a timely reminder that while academic success at school is extremely important to staff, parents and students, the development of the personal attributes and character that will enable that success to last well beyond school is also a significant part of our ambition for the students of Warlingham. There have undoubtedly been lifelong memories established for a number of students this term due to their engagement in trips, visits and in-school activities that will be talked about in many years to come. Next term will provide a sharp focus on preparation for the important public exams for Year 11 and 13 but also more opportunities to develop the wider character and personal qualities of students.

I hope that you and your families have an enjoyable Easter break after next week.