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21 October 2022

It has undoubtedly been an exceptionally busy half-term of learning for the school, and it is safe to say that the half-term break will be much appreciated by all members of the school community as a chance to relax, refresh and spend time with loved ones.  

We have had two fantastic open events this half-term that have showcased so much of what the school has to offer, and the contribution made by the students has been a wonderful reminder of the character and confidence that so many of our students possess and further develop at Warlingham.  While these events are fantastic opportunities to show these things it is even more gratifying to hear the examples of students showing the school values of courage, commitment and kindness in our school and local community. 

Recently, a facebook post was passed on to me thanking three of our Year 8 students: Harry Lavine, Tony Dick and Noah Sandford for offering to help a member of the local community with their wheelchair.  While I know how kind and considerate so many Warlingham students are, it is lovely to have the wider community recognise this too.

It is safe to say that we have definitely widened the horizons and raised the aspirations or our students so far this term through trips and visits including a trip to Bordeaux and live music performance as well as a wide range of sports fixtures and other school events.   I hope you enjoy hearing about them in this newsletter and look forward to much more opportunities in the second half of this term.

Have a lovely half-term break!