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Year 12 Mock Careers Interviews

On Tuesday 31st January, we held mock interviews for our Year 12 students. 

Thanks to volunteers from parents, former members of staff and people in the local community, we had a wealth ofYear 12 Mock Interviews experienced interviewers on the day ready to simulate a real interview environment for our Year 12s and provide constructive feedback on their CVs, interview conduct and overall presentation. The students came away with invaluable skills and experience for their next steps, which is a real priority for us at Warlingham, as recognised in our recent Ofsted inspection.

Leaders ensure that pupils and sixth-form students are well prepared for their next steps. 

Ofsted 2022

See some feedback below from two of the Year 12 students interviewed.

In terms of preparing for the mock interview, I needed to submit my CV. I had to choose from a list of five mock jobs and selected the role of Team Assistant at the BBC. I had to attend the interview in formal wear. This experience gave me a feel for what a real interview would have been like, and I was really pleased with the positive feedback I received.

Amirah O, Year 12

I think the interview was a success because it gave me my first taste of the working world having never done an interview before. Some things in my interview went really well, for example, I got a chance to show off my people skills by answering the questions. Even though IYear 12 Mock Interviews made some mistakes and was extremely nervous, I kept my cool and persevered. Some of the questions didn’t go so well but none too disastrously thankfully! My CV was also not up to scratch as it didn’t have any references and this common mistake was probably my biggest failing of the interview. There were also skills and achievements that I omitted from my CV, such as the fact that I know how to use Excel, however, the interviewer was kind and told me how to solve them in the future. After the interview, the interviewer gave me lots of good advice on what went well and what I could do better in the future. I feel that this experience will be extremely helpful in the future, and I will also be less nervous for interviews too.

Jack R, Year 12