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Year 11 Managing Exam Stress Information Evening ​​​​​​​27th January

As part of our developing Mental Health Programme, we are delighted to start running parent information sessions on a range of topics which parents have identified as being areas of concern.

These sessions will be run by our Counselling Team with additional support from Surrey Mindworks. Students will receive a session during the day on the topic, and we will share the same information with parents at the information session in the evening. There is, therefore, no need for students to attend the evening session as well.

Year 11 Managing Exam Stress Information Evening Wednesday 25th January

The first of these sessions is targeted for parents/carers of students in Year 11 on Wednesday 25th January 2023 at 5.30pm in the Main Hall. If you would be interested in attending, we would be grateful if you could register your interest here so we know how many are likely to attend. If you are unable to attend on this date but would appreciate learning more about the subject, please complete the form so we can provide additional support.

Stem4's Parent Mental Health Day on 27th January

In addition, we are delighted to share some information from Surrey Mindworks regarding Parent Mental Health Day which takes place on 27th January 2023. Stem4's Parent Mental Health Day (PMHD) on 27th January encourages understanding and awareness of the importance of parents' mental health and its impact on the whole family system. With this year's theme being 'balance', the day aims to get parents and carers to take a moment to reflect on the balance they have in their lives and to take positive steps to make change.

Stem4 are inviting parents to join their webinar on Thursday 27th January at 7pm where they will discuss how improved parent mental health benefits the whole family, and practical ways in which parents and carers can regain equilibrium in their lives and tip the balance towards positive mental health. If you are a parent or carer who needs support with your own mental health, you can refer yourselves for support through Mind Matters here.

If you have any further questions or suggestions regarding mental health support within school please contact me directly at

Beth Hunt