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Year 9 Student’s Trampolining Success

We are proud of our Year 9 student, Gaby M, who recently came first in a Level 6 Trampolining competition, when she represented her club, Twizzlers.

It is always great to know that many of our students compete in sport outside of school to a high level. Trampolining is a demanding sport which is a fantastic activity for motor skill development, using both sides of the body at the same time. In terms of fitness, it specifically improves balance and co-ordination, increased muscle strength and better core strength as well as improving bone density, to name just some of its benefits. Huge congratulations to Gaby for her fantastic achievement.

The school and the PE Department are always delighted to hear about and share the success of our students. Our department is all about promoting the ‘well-being’ of students. It is therefore really reassuring when students like Gaby take part in sporting activities outside of school. Trampolining, along with many activities, enables a student to become life skilled and to hopefully become a life-long participant in sport or physical activity. We very much welcome hearing about the sporting achievements of all of our students so please send your news into the PE Department at

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