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Safe Drive, Stay Alive

On Friday 4th November, all Year 12 students were taken on a trip to Dorking Halls for a performance of Safe Drive, Stay Alive. The trip was organised by Surrey County Council and was designed to promote the importance of safe driving amongst young adults who are just starting their driving careers.

As part of the performance, students heard from a range of real life professionals Safe Drive, Stay Alive Logo including police officers, members of the fire service, nurses and paramedics. All those involved in the emergency services shared their witness experiences of road traffic accidents and stressed the importance of driving safely.

The performance was very hard hitting at times and this was particularly the case when students heard from family members of individuals who had tragically lost their lives as a result of car accidents. Although it was difficult to watch and hear on occasion, those students who attended appreciated the importance of the message heard and took on board just how vital it is to drive safe and stay alive.

One of our Year 12 students, Troy B, said the following:

The Year 12 College students had the opportunity to go to Dorking to see the Safe Drive, Stay Alive presentation. On the way to the presentation, I did not know what to expect. Will It be fun? Will it be depressing? Turns out, it went from fun to reality very quickly, almost representing a car accident. It started off with flashing lights and upbeat music to lift everyone’s spirits and to get everyone ready for a fun day out - except not really. The mood quickly shifted as the first video was played about somebody who was a victim of a car accident in our age range, and it instantly hit everyone close to home. No longer were there smiles, no longer were there laughs, just intent, silent listening of a tragic story.

After that, there were more videos and visitors, including a firefighter, policeman, nurse and paramedic who have all seen devastating car accidents first hand. The message stayed with everyone, after all, who wants to be in that same position, who wants to actually be in a car accident themselves? Nobody. After that presentation, I can confidently say that myself, and most probably all my peers, will safe drive to stay alive.

Troy B, Year 12 Student 

Photo of Safe Drive,Stay Alive performance on stage