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CSLA College Students' Success

As part of Warlingham Sixth Form College’s enrichment offering, we have been fortunate to run the Community Sports Leadership (CSLA) programme for students who wish to select this option to develop and refine their leadership skills through work in the local community.

The cohort for Year 2021 – 2022 has been an outstanding year and have added much to not just the award, but to enriching the lives of young people in sport in the local area. This year was the first time we had run the Level 2 and the Level 3 award, and we are pleased to report that there was a 100% pass rate in both courses.

The award requires students to coach/teach sport to young children from Reception to Year 6 and to also gain experience in coaching each other. It is a great environment in which our Sixth Form College students can perfect their leadership skills and deliver sport and activity safely but in a fun and inspirational way that will encourage young people to hopefully become life-long participants in sport.

It is enormously rewarding seeing our college students develop excellent leadership skills, take on responsibility and become good communicators to the next generation. All these life skills too are vital to the work environment and /or giving presentations be that at university or in a work situation.

Level 2 Success 

Congratulations this year for the Level 2 awards must go to: Beth B, Rene C, Kaycie J, Mollie L, Hannah L, Namish M, Javier M, Evelyn R, Dilenne R, Holly S, Rosie M and Amy C.

Level 3 Success

In addition, further congratulations must go to the three students who went for the Level 3 award this year, which is worth UCAS points. They were Kenzie B, Chris C and Isabel R.

In successful completion of these awards, we also look at those who contributed the most to the course and it is our delight to highlight the following students for their consistently outstanding performance on the course.

Our first student in this category on the Level 2 Course is Amy C who received a special award for her bravery in facing her medical condition of - Type 1 Narcolepsy with cataplexy. This means that when facing younger students in a coaching environment, she could have fallen asleep in front of her students. The amazing thing was, that she never did and did not want her illness to define her.

On the Level 2 Course, we also had two other outstanding students who had either earned this award from the extra time they gave to coaching and/or to role modelling excellent enthusiasm and leadership when leading others. This year’s winners were Beth B and Javier M.

Finally, we had an outstanding student on the Level 3 course who has not only been one of the first to achieve this award but was consistently outstanding in all the attributes required of a sports leader. Our congratulations therefore go to Chris C.

Congratulations to everyone for their fantastic achievements.

Vanessa Salem
PE Teacher