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Introducing our College Student Leadership Team

We are delighted to introduce our new College Student Leadership Team who were appointed earlier this term.

The Year 13 candidates were put through their paces when asked to present their ideas for the roles of Student Union President and Head Prefect. The students all performed brilliantly, which made it a very tough decision for the College Team, although we are pleased to announce the positions as follows:

Role  Student Name(s) 
Head Prefects

Lucy M
James C

Deputy Head Prefect Jack R
Student Union Presidents Noah R
Shane B
Deputy President Ethan S
Student Governors Izzie S
Nura H
Prefect Team  Aaron M
Sylenyx P
Amirah O
Ellie O
Ethan H-M
Mary L
Rajveer U
Safiya L
Sami A
Shaun J
Frances U

The Student Leadership Team have already got underway with their duties in presenting to the rest of the year group and asking for volunteers to help enhance their experience of the College. The team can be recognised by their green lanyards and are always happy to hear any new ideas from students. They were also excited to help our prospective Year 12 students settle into life in the College during our College Induction Days on 3rd and 4th July. Currently, the team are busy planning a calendar of events for the rest of this term and the next academic year which promises to be very exciting.

Congratulations to all those involved in these excellent leadership roles and we look forward to the contribution the students will make to Warlingham Sixth Form College.