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Year 13 Next Steps

We offer a 'next steps' package of resources for our Year 13 students who are leaving the College to support them as they enter the next stage of their lives.  This package is designed to support them with their preparations for the next steps into either University, apprenticeship, or the world of work.

Students can work through the sections that are applicable to them which provides the support they need for the next stage of their careers. There are skill development sessions alongside both pastoral and academic support. 

Students can access employability and work-related skills to help them develop their knowledge and understanding of the workplace and how to best prepare for it. There are also university preparation activities to help with the step into  student life.

The links provided help students plan their post-18 options if they are still not sure what to do. They are helped to develop their CV, develop their online brand, and prepare them to build their professional networking.  Students can also discover volunteering and gap year opportunities.

There is a range of information on our Next Steps padlet which is available here. This is updated regularly with new opportunities and live events for students to prepare them for their options after the College. There are also a number of links to online learning courses in a multitude of different subjects areas. All students should be encouraged to complete at least one online learning course. The links can be accessed below.