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First Monday of the Month Music Club

The First Monday of the Month Music Recital this week featured the amazing talents of some of our Year 10 and Year 11 performers.

The recital was opened with Iona playing the Chopin Mazurka in G minor on the piano. A beautiful and expressiveStudent playing flute rendition with a sweet and flowing melody. Next up was Abi performing Ashokan Farewell on the Flute. It was originally transcribed for the violin from a folk melody. Abi performed with grace and fluency and a beautiful, expressive tone. Erin then performed her own mash-up of well-known classical and film themes on the piano. Her ability to link so many pieces together is a testament to her musicianship, especially with no music sheets. Leah closed the recital with her solo flute rendition of The Greatest Showman where she performed the whole piece in a confident and expressive way. Her recently purchased new flute sounded amazing.

We would like to congratulate all our performers forStudent playing piano their confident recitals. Next month’s recital will feature more GCSE Year 10 and 11 students as they prepare for their GCSE exam performances.