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Warlingham Careers Week 2024

Warlingham Careers Week 2024

Warlingham Careers Week went off without a hitch. This has meant that all students in all years have received Careers in the Curriculum lessons in all their subjects/ lessons over the course of the whole week. This has included researching careers, looking at case studies and presenting their findings, amongst other things. The purpose of the week is to show the students just where their subjects could take them in the future.

We were also lucky to welcome various employers to speak to the students, both in-person and virtually, about their careers and the industry/sector they work in.

Year 7 had the brilliant Graham Kent from The British Red Cross to talk to them all about the third sector. This was a lively presentation with lots of questions and more than a few prizes.

Year 8 had a virtual talk from Giles Thomas from Manor Collection to teach them about the hospitality sector, how to deal with tricky customers and what it takes to run a successful business.

Year 9 were able to hear all about life at Gatwick Airport, the breadth of roles there and the endless possibilities of apprenticeships from Dave White. Students were certainly amazed at the potentials available at this huge employer.

Finally, for the third year in a row, we were lucky to welcome Lyndsey Gallagher from Gallagher Group to inspire our year 10 cohort. She is always able to hold 240 teenagers spellbound with her tales of her career path and the obstacles she has overcome as a woman in construction.

Four very different talks but all incredibly valuable and eye-opening for our lucky students. A huge thank you to all the speakers who gave up their time as well as the staff at the school that make this possible.

The teaching staff across the school also worked incredibly hard to ensure that they designed engaging and inspiring activities tailored to the students' correct age and stage as well as being relevant to their subjects.