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College apprenticeships talks

On 25th January 2023, Year 12 & 13 College students had the pleasure of attending a talk about apprenticeships from Alana Murtagh and Cameron MacLeod from Evelyn Partners Financial Services.

Whilst the primary focus was on accountancy apprenticeships, there was also plenty of useful information regarding apprenticeships in general. Alana and Cameron were excellent in their delivery and engagement, which was impressive considering they had not been long out of school themselves. The speakers had also achieved very highly at school, which demonstrated to students that apprenticeships were a real alternative to university. They provided a very balanced view of the pros and cons of the apprenticeship route, and the students found the talk fascinating, with a number staying behind to ask more questions. It certainly opened students’ options to alternative pathways to university and their next steps after Warlingham. The speakers were very complimentary about the engagement of our students who were a credit to us. Thank you to Alana, Cameron MacLeod and Evelyn Partners Financial Services for this insightful opportunity.