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18 October 2022

Unifrog LogoUnifrog Careers Opportunities

We are happy to report that Year 7 students will be able to access this careers information website shortly. The Unifrog online program helps students to explore the many different career opportunities available to them. Once up and running, each student will receive an email from Unifrog inviting them to set up their account. Having received their email, they must set up their account within 30 days.

Unifrog Parents

Parents may find it helpful to click on the link here to see how to help your child set up and navigate their account.

Once students have set up their account, they can start to use the site.

1. All students need to complete the Personality Profile.

Unifrog Personality Profile Screenshot




2. You must then complete the Interests Profile on Unifrog.

Unifrog Interests Profile Screenshot

Unifrog Students 

Students may then like to watch the video here.  

Parents of students in Years 8 to 11, your child will have already been given access to the platform and will have been asked to complete the above as a minimum. If your child has not logged in previously, please contact Mrs Langley who will send a new login email.

Students in Year 12 and 13 will be using the platform in greater depth. Any issues please let Mrs Langley know. Periodically, students will be directed to certain resources to look at via Satchel.