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News Update 25 November 2022

We are extremely proud of all the achievements in Chichester House so far this year. There have been some fantastic submissions for House competitions, and we are currently in second place as our combined score.

Students have shown a positive attitude to learning, kindness to others and a huge amount of commitment through classwork and home learning tasks. Below are the top students for merits so far this year. Huge congratulations to these students for their ongoing efforts in lessons and around school.

Name Year House Points to Date
Nicky B Year 7 97
Amelia D Year 7 97
Nya T Year 7 97
Alfie F Year 7 133
Chloe H Year 8  94
Gaius M Year 8  101
Sharvi T Year 9 81
Benjamin F Year 9  100
Kai B Year 10  68
Jessica C Year 10  89
Amy D Year 11 43
Thomas F Year 11 43